Friday, November 30, 2012

Late Fall Fishing

Conditions have changed! Temperatures have dropped and so have the number of fish you see rising to the surface. Fish have been spawning and have slowed down on feeding.
Doesn't mean we have stopped fishing and hasn't given us a reason to stop fishing on top. Dry or Die! People look at us like we are crazy for still fishing dry flies, but it is what we love. Seeing a fish spot and rise for your fly is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.
We have seen the size of flies and the number of fish drop. Our fish count has gone from 20-30 which we were catching in September and through October, to 2-3 like we are seeing these days.
We were lucky enough to make it to the river a few times this Thanksgiving Break. The fishing was slow but the weather and life around us was beautiful.
Conditions have changed, but the love for my newly found sport has not.

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  1. I took a swim for ya to keep things interesting....